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Peter Story
July 28, 2016 | Peter Story

Preview - Our 2009 Syrah Dessert Wine Will Be Released Soon

Peaches and Dessert Syrah - Delicious!

OK - the cat is out of the bag....many of you have asked if we will ever offer a dessert wine.... the answer is an emphatic "Yes!".  With the addition of a wonderful 2009 Syrah Dessert Wine to our Mount Saint Joseph portfolio of wines - you will now be able to finish your meal or your evening with this delightful wine.  The photo below is of me enjoying a nice bowl of fresh white peaches with our new dessert wine drizzled on the, the taste is delicious.  I must admit though, the combination was Paulette's idea, not mine.

I heartily invite all of you to follow suit and try your own summer dessert with this great Syrah Dessert wine.

Stay tuned - we'll let you know as soon as it is available!



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