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Joseph Smock
April 4, 2022 | Joseph Smock

Springtime in St. Joseph's Vineyard

Spring is a beautiful and exciting time in St. Joseph's vineyard.

March brought us bud break - that amazing time that the vines begin to awake from their winter slumber. First the buds begin to swell and gradually begin to burst as the green tips emerge. First to break was the Petite Sirah, followed closely by the Petit Verdot. The Cabernet Franc continued to snooze and finally decided to wake up in late March.


With our warm weather the buds quickly grow with lush new foliage.....


Even though our vines had been sleeping, our vineyard team has been hard at work. Led by Mark Ransbury and Bob Vandervort, the vineyard team's winter work included the all-important pruning of the vines, irrigation system maintenance, weed abatement and mowing, lowering of trellis wires in preparation for spring growth and a new project - leveling of a pad in the vineyard for picnic and wine tasting area.




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