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Peter Story
August 7, 2017 | Peter Story

Vineyard Owner Volunteers Complete Replanting and Trellis Work

Our 3,000 vines are growing up and over their 18" rabbit protection grow tubes.  There are always a few vines that don't make it once planted and 93 of our vines after three weeks obviously weren't going to make it.  Fortunately, my trusty owner volunteer vineyard group came to the rescue and replanted new vines in their place:

  • Bob Vandervort
  • Henry Favro
  • Dave Beiler
  • Allen Cummings
  • Mike Delaurentis
  • Dave Fox

With the help of these gentlemen these replacement vines will soon be looking like the vine in the photo below:

Now that all our "girls" are growing straight and tall, our team turned our attention from replanting to completing the trellis work.  We needed to place three (3) cross-arm wire holders on every stake throughout the entire vineyard.  I had targeted November as the date for completion of this task but my vineyard team labored in the 100 degree heat and completed all the work by the end of last week.  All the vineyard "girls" and I truly appreciate the hard work of the vineyard team!!!


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